The construction of Tuscan Hills and its symbolism

When we first visited the restaurant we were surprised to find that one of the walls was entirely brick.

We discovered this after tearing down two to three layers of sheet rock as well as another inch of concrete.

We also discovered during the demolition (which was mostly performed by Roberto and myself)

that if you hit the concrete by mistake with a hammer, you will also destroy the brick behind it.

It took us three months to uncover all of the brick. This entailed cleaning brick by brick with a hammer and “puntella”, followed by a power wash.

When this was finished we painted three layers of glaze over the wall.  This was an extremely hard job.

At the entrance of the restaurant you’ll notice an area where we added some concrete in the shape of “The Boot”.

This was put in place to cover the damaged brick, but also as homage to our native Italy.

The horseshoe story

It is an old Italian tradition to place a horseshoe face down over the door to prevent negative energy from entering the home.

The horseshoe above the Tuscan Hills entrance comes from a small second-hand store in Tuscany that we visited shortly before the opening of the restaurant.


However, during the first few weeks of business many of our patrons insisted that the horseshoe was actually upside down,

so we switched it. From that point on we had a terrible week- the slowest since the opening.


We researched the tradition and found that in South America and most Latin countries, the horseshoe needs to face down

in order to bring good luck. In North America and most Anglo-American countries it is said that to bring good luck, a horseshoe should face upwards.

And so the horseshoe was placed face down again. Life has been pretty good to us since then.


Horse shoe Picture